When thinking of Starbucks, pizza hardly comes to mind; however, Howard Schultz, CEO of the global enterprise, has decided to integrate Italian food with some of their stores. In late 2017, Starbucks will open the stand-alone bakeries under the name of Princi in places like Seattle, New York City, and Chicago. The inspiration for this endeavor originated from Milan, the place that previously inspired Schultz with its local coffee culture.

“I’ve traveled the world and I’ve been exposed to great food and great culinary experiences,” Schultz said in a video presentation. “Of all the great culinary experiences I have had, there are none that come close to what Rocco Princi has done.”

In 1986, Rocco Princi founded the bakery and cafe, named Princi. Earlier this year, Starbucks invested in Princi to bring items like pizza and focaccia, an Italian bread much like pizza dough, Starbucks Roastery locations and the new high-end Reserve store format. At those locations, Baristas will focus on coffee while bakers will work specifically on food; however, Starbucks is planning on befitting the new Italian foods and coffee. A special coffee is being developed intended to compliment the new menu items.

Starbucks is intending to boost their revenue by offering more than coffee. Only 19% of their revenue comes from food. Italian bakeries will help achieve a balance between food and drink. 

“I feel like Italian food and coffee  are a good accommodation because it brings people together. Starbucks is a chill place to hang out,” Morgan Simpson, a Senior.