By Kaitlyn Marlowe

Senior, number 56, Isaac Melton has a great heart, said coach Warren. “If everyone had the heart of Isaac we would all be better off. He works his butt off and knows his role on the team.”

Q: How long have you been playing football?

A: “I have been playing for four years.”

Q: What position do you play?

A: “I play defensive tackle.”

Q: Why did you start playing football?

A: “I thought it was a game I could love, and I do.”

Q: Do you have a favorite football memory?

A: “It would be the memory of going to camp and having great camaraderie with my teammates.”

Q: Will you try to play football in college?

A: “No because I am going into the military.”

Q: Which teams are your favorite to play against?

A: “For the atmosphere, Science Hill and Dobyns-Bennett. The bigger teams have more on the line so they are exciting games.”

Q: Do you have a favorite college or pro team?

A: “UT is my favorite college team because I was Tennessee born and raised. The Steelers are my favorite pro team because I have liked them since I was a little kid.”

Q: Do you play any other sports?

A: “I also played baseball when I was younger.”

Q: If you could give any advice to your teammates what would it be?

A: “Continue to work hard, be disciplined, have your personal integrity, and let’s go to state.”

Q: How does it feel to be on a history making football team?

A: “It feels great. The hard work pays off. Me and the other seniors have been working for four years to get this far.”