By: Jake Neuman

Apple’s biannual Apple Special Event occurred September 7, where they revealed some of their new products. The newest iPhone, the iPhone and iPhone 7 plus were the biggest item shown at the event. Other reveals at the convention were the release of  iOS 10, Mario is coming to the Apple App Store and the new apple watch is soon coming out. People all over the world can’t wait to get to try all of these exciting new things.

Every year, people wait impatiently for Apple to reveal their latest iPhone. The new phones are similar to past iPhones in many ways, but also have some major differences. One of the biggest differences is that this phone has a new water resistant coating. The iPhones will not be completely waterproof, but will be better resistant to it than it was before. Also, the new phone’s minimum storage has changed from 16GB to 32GB, and have options of 128GB and 256GB for more money. They also have increased quality of picture and video, and the iPhone 7 will have a better battery.

A big new feature in the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is the loss of the headphone jack. Now, the headphones can be played through wireless earbuds, or you can plug them in through the charging port. If you plug them in, this means you cannot charge your phone the same time you listen to your wired earbuds. To help with this transition, Apple has come out with new AirPod earbuds. These are wireless earbuds that connect to your phone with Bluetooth that should connect easily with Apple products.

Apple also announced that their new operating system, iOS 10, is being released. It has several features that are new to iPhones. The new system changes and upgrades many of the popular apps and functions on the iPhone, including imessages and maps. It will make these apps easier to use, and more efficient.

One thing with a lot of excitement about it is Mario is coming to the App Store. Nintendo, Mario’s creator, has never made Mario available to iPhones before, but soon Apple has announced that the game Super Mario Run will be available this holiday season. This release is highly anticipated, and the game is expected to be very popular.

The Apple Watch is one of the most popular items that Apple produces, and the Apple Watch 2 was announced at the event. The new watch is supposed to be faster, thinner and altogether better than the original Apple Watch. It has an improved processor, and is mostly water proof. The watch can get some water on it, but it could still get water damage in some situations. It has other new features, like GPS and better display.


 The Apple Special Event occurs twice a year. They make exciting announcements about new products and new features for their past products. These new items will already be used by many people in a few months. The new iPhone is exciting and has exciting new features. People everywhere are always looking forward to what Apple will do next.