By: Loren Haas The Battle at Bristol had 156,990 fans in attendance, and was the largest football game in history. The previous record was 115,109 fans in attendance at the Missouri-Notre Dame game in 2013.

Here are other quick facts about the Bristol Motor Speedway and the conversion it underwent to become a football stadium for one night:

  • Crews set up the entire football field in nineteen days; they actually completed setting up the field ahead of schedule, four days before the game began.
  • A Sprint Cup race occurred less than even three weeks before the game was held.
  • Crews poured 10,600 tons of stone infill and raised the ground level of the field by three-and-a-half feet.
  • The Bristol Motor Speedway is about equidistant from the University of Tennessee and Virginia Tech. Bristol is also technically part of both Tennessee and Virginia, giving it appeal for both teams and their fan bases.
  • According to CEO of Speedway Motorsports, Inc. Marcus Smith, in an interview with USA Today, organizers put cars behind each of the end zones “just to remind people this is a speedway.”
  • Each team earned $4.3 million from the game.