By: Keegan McClain:

Olli, the self-driving mini bus, is an innovation to admire. Built with an electric motor and several 3D printed parts, Olli will provide simple services with complex features. Seating 12 people Olli can be summoned via smartphone through an app that will also allow the customer to pay electronically. And what Olli lacks in space he will make up for in numbers.

 Working as part of a fleet Olli will be one of many Ollis working to provide services for a specified area, such as a college campus, small city or even a large business. Olli has over 30 sensors located on various parts of the bus. These sensors will collect and feed data to a cloud based system, linking selected Ollis together. Over time the system will get smarter as it collects more and more data.

 Olli is currently being used in Washington DC and is planned to be commissioned in Miami Dade County and Las Vegas later this year. These cities can use Olli to fill gaps in their existing transportation systems. Colleges can use them to transport students across campus.

 Even with the technology Olli has, the bus will have Speech to Text, Natural Language Classifier, Entity Extraction and Text to Speech. This will allow the passengers to interact with Olli as they are driven from point A to point B. The cabin will also be monitored by people in case of emergencies.

 Production for Olli will start at the Knoxville factory in 2017, while it’s months away Olli