By: Jake Neuman

Michael Phelps announced his retirement with his Olympic record of 23 gold medals and 28 total medals won. The Rio Olympics are the fifth Olympics that he has competed in, and his last. Phelps definitely had an amazing career, and many believe he is the greatest Olympian of all time.

 In the Rio Olympics Phelps competed and medaled in six events with five golds and one silver. The 2016 Olympics have been filled with accomplishments by Phelps, for example: he beat his rival Chad Le Clos in the 200m butterfly, beat a 2,168 year old Olympic record and became the oldest person to medal in an individual event. He announced this would be his last Olympic Games after he won his 6th medal.

Michael phelps retires pic
Phelps broke many swimming records over his Olympic career.

 Phelps competed in his first Olympics in 2000. He did not win any medals but was the youngest person to be on the U.S. Olympics Swim Team in over 50 years. Phelp’s first medal was in the 2004 Athens Olympics. During these Olympics, he won eight total medals. Four years later, he had a great year and broke the record for most golds won in a single Olympics with eight gold medals. After the 2012 London Olympics Phelps announced that he would retire, but then after about a year off he came back to swimming and to compete for the last time 2016 Olympic Games.

 During his retirement announcement Phelps realized that people may doubt if he was really done with swimming, since he had previously announced his retirement after the London games. To make sure viewers knew he was serious Phelps said “This time I mean it.” He will be remembered by many as the greatest swimmer of all time and has the medals to prove it. Since he was serious about retiring this time it is most likely time to say goodbye to Michael Phelp’s swimming career.