By: Kendall Shanks

An American fencer became the first Olympian to compete on Team USA in a hijab, or Muslim headscarf, and win a medal. Ibtihaj Muhammad, 30, took home bronze after defeating Italy in the team sabre match. With heightened tensions between the United States and the Middle East after the growing number of ISIS inspired terrorist attacks, some believed Muhammad would not be accepted onto the U.S. Olympic team due to misconceptions surrounding the Muslim community.

 Muhammad proved the doubters wrong. Ibtihaj Muhammad has been received as an inspiring, ground-breaking athlete. Muhammad was trending on Twitter after her historic match.

 Muhammad spoke to President Barack Obama about her growing concerns of presidential nominee Donald Trump anti-Muslim rhetoric. Muhammad plans to become a U.S. diplomat after retiring from fencing. She hopes to ending anti-Muslim sentiments in the United States.

 Muhammad said, “I’m hoping to change the image that people may have of Muslim women,”  in an interview with Reugers.


Tweet Caption: Muhammad is the number one trending hashtag after history-making match.

Photo Caption: Muhammad first American Olympian to compete and win bronze in hijab.