By: Cullen Wilkes and Cameron Benson

Many Olympic sports go unheard of in America. American culture simply doesn’t take interest in many of the sports.

The average person predicted that there were 34 Olympic sports according to a survey taken around Hardin Valley Academy. There are 41 different sports in the Summer Olympics. The people being surveyed were not far off, however, they could not list the actual sports. There are many Olympic sports that the average American is not familiar with such as hockey, badminton, handball, equestrian and sailing which are shadowed in the news by the more popular sports.

“They are very competitive, like all Olympic sports, but they aren’t the major sports,” said sophomore DJ Fugate, “They wouldn’t be my first pick to watch, so maybe it would be better if they weren’t shown as much as the other, more popular events.” These sports tend to be called boring or irrelevant by other students.

The reason these sports not noticed by Americans is because they are not American. These sports are not played in America, or shown on television; therefore, Americans don’t care once every four years.

It is common for Americans to grow up running track, playing basketball or swimming. However, the sports that are deemed uncommon are sports that are rarely played or watched in America therefore it does not interest them. Americans typically grow up playing and watching baseball, basketball, and football. There are more, but these sports are usually the most common. This is why Americans tend to ignore many of the Olympic events that are actually being played. The reason that these sports do not interest them is that they never immigrated to our country. Since they never came to  America, the citizens never took interest in them. For example, traditionally Chinese in culture kids grow up playing table tennis, where American kids grow up playing football, baseball and basketball.

The unknown sports of the Olympics are not any less important than the rest of the events. In fact, it is very possible that in other countries these sports are more popular than what they care about.