By: Maggie Olson

A U.S. man is the first out transgender athlete to qualify for the U.S. National team. Chris Mosier, 35, qualified for the sprint duathlon at the trials in 2015. Mosier is not competing in Rio because the sprint duathlon is not an Olympic event, but he was featured in a Nike ad that ran during the games.

The Nike ad, entitled “Unlimited Courage,” shows Mosier training and answering questions about how he was unsure if he would be accepted on the U.S. national team.

“When I was a kid, I dreamed I would be in a Nike commercial. Your limits are only defined by you,” Mosier tweeted when the commercial aired.

A petition to have Mosier be the first transgender athlete on a Wheaties box has nearly 14,000 signatures. Mosier also became the first transgender athlete to be featured in ESPN The Magazine’s 2016 Body Issue. The duathlete was also the first transgender man to be inducted into the National Gay & Lesbian Hall of Fame.

Mosier competed at the Duathlon World Championships in Spain on June 5, finishing 28 out of 47 with a time of 1:06:29. The duathlete challenged the Olympic policy on transgender athletes competing, resulting in the Rio Olympics allowing transgender athletes to compete without sex reassignment surgery.